Alibaba Digital Economy Educational Leaders Workshop in Alibaba HQ, China


This 3-day program aims to exhibit Alibaba's intention in expediting the transition process of  business digitisation and talent cultivation in today’s digital era; aligned with the vision of People Republic of China gearing toward digital economy.


Through harnessing the effective approaches in digital talent cultivation and companies’ readiness to embrace into the digital economy , Alibaba Group invites you to join this three-day program and discover the underlying business paradigm that can either sustain or create the business miracles through the following:

  • To visit Alibaba Museum and learn about the history of Alibaba Group, from its humble beginnings as a small start-up to its current reputable status as a global leader in fintech, smart logistics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc.

  • To study the success stories of China’s surging industries (such as eCommerce, fintech and cloud computing) and the innovativeness of business models that have transformed traditional business practices.

  • To analyse case studies from Tmall Innovation Center that innovate product brands through the use of big data to identify its feature values and actual targeted buyers.

  • To visit Bainiu, a rural Chinese village that had transformed into online retail city hub, owing to the significant impact from eCommerce and online platforms that have changed rural business practices along with entrepreneurs with limited resources at their disposal.

  • To participate workshop led by novel technology savvy that will change working patterns and behaviours with your peers in academia and/or colleague in the industry; preference given to job creators instead of job seekers.

  • To visit and gain inspiration from Alibaba Business School Incubator to develop needed policies and environment to inspire student pursue entrepreneurial mindset.

  • To tour around Hema Fresh, Alibaba’s new retail supermarket equipped with new technologies and innovative business practices that will replace traditional retail businesses.

  • To experience live streaming promotion as a new approach to reach evolving consumers in the digital age.

  • To gain first-handed information from logistic experts to export goods into China through eCommerce platforms and understanding the challenges of China’s vast market.

Senior executives at Alibaba Group, experts and scholars from a range of digital industries welcome you to join the journey of business transformation in digitalisation. Look forward to seeing you in Hangzhou, China!